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Transplantation Immunology

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  • 2014-01-23





▶Subject :Transplantation Immunology

▶Speaker : Dr.  Chul Woo Yang  (Seoul St. Mary’s hospital, The Catholic Unviersity / Director Department of Convergent Research Consortium for Immunologic Disease)

▶Date : 11:00AM/ May 24(Thu)/ 2012

▶Place : conference room (1F),PBC



 Transplantation is a history of challenge in medicine. After the first kidney transplantation in identical twins in 1954, transplant activity is extended to other organs. The success of organ transplantation is based on understanding of immunologic process, immunologic tests and adequate immunosuppression to prevent rejection process. Students should understand immunologic process associated transplantation, and the result of immunologic test, and action mechanism of immunosuppressant.


After organ transplantation, patients should receive life-long immunosuppressants. Therefore, side effect of long-term immunosupression is inevitable. Therefore, development of strategy for inducing immunetolerance (without immunesuppression) is hot issue in transplantation field. I’d like to introduce clinical trials for inducing tolerance in solid organ transplantation. 


☎ Inquiry : Prof. Young Chul Sung (279-2294)

*This Seminar will be given in English. 


790-784 SAN 31, HYOJA-DONG, NAM-GU, POHANG, GYUNGBUK. KOREA 생체분자기능연구사업단 TEL : 054-279-2997

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