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PROX1 positively regulates Wnt/β-catenin signaling during lymphatic va…

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  • 2017-05-30



▶Subject: PROX1 positively regulates Wnt/β-catenin signaling during lymphatic vascular development

▶Speaker: Boksik, Cha Ph.D. (Cardiovascular Biology Research Program, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation)
▶Date: 1:00 PM/June 7(Wed.)/2017
▶Place: Life Science Bldg. #104 
The lymphatic vasculature regulates fluid homeostasis by collecting and returning the interstitial fluid to blood circulation. Lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs) originate predominantly from the embryonic veins and undergo stepwise morphogenesis to become the lymphatic capillaries, the collecting lymphatic vessels and the lymphatic valves. Lymph is ultimately returned to blood through two-pairs of lymphovenous valves located bilaterally at the junction of jugular and subclavian veins. We previously showed that the conditional deletion of β-catenin from murine lymphatic vasculature results in lymphatic vessel dysplasia and in the absence of lymphatic and lymphovenous valves. We also showed that the lymphedema-associated transcription factor FOXC2 is a direct target of Wnt/-catenin signaling pathway in the LECs. However, the mechanisms that activate the Wnt/-catenin signaling pathway in LECs were unknown. How this signaling pathway is interpreted by the LECs is also not known. Here, we show that the homeobox transcription factor PROX1 is necessary for the Wnt/β-catenin signal-mediated FOXC2 expression. Furthermore, we show that LEC and mural cell derived Wnt-ligands are necessary for lymphatic vascular morphogenesis. Thus our work provides novel insights regarding the spatial regulation of Wnt-signaling in the lymphatic vasculature.

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